Key Conference Papers

ECM Conference (European Cosmetics Markets Magazine, London):

Mihailovich, P. ‘The Transnational trend towards Designer Hair Care brands’.

WWD: EX-TRACTS Exhibition Conference, Javitz Center, New York.Mihailovich, P. ‘World Trends in the Men’s Grooming Market’.

R:Brand (Rebrand) Serbia EXIT Festival Opening Conference Novi Sad 10 July 2013

BrandFair 2006, Belgrade: Mihailovic, P. ‘Kinship Branding: How it can apply to Serbia’

Belgrade Design Week 2006, Mihailovic, P. ‘How Serbia can build strong Brands’

Monterrey Tec XXXI International Marketing Symposium 2007
Mesec Oblikovanja 2007 ‘Brands and Brains’ Month of Design Conference Ljubljana Castl

The Creation and Destruction of Luxury Brands
Cercle Deluxe Summit 2007 Vienna

The End of the Luxury Brand Era?
Semaine de L’International, ISEG Business School, Paris 2009

Baltic Economic Forum for Students: SSE, Riga 2011 – Kinship Branding: The Baltics

Business Reactor: Riga 2013

Key Authors to discover

Simon Anholt, Peter Cheales, Jean-Noel Kapferer, Sicco Van Gelder